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Big or small, MFS Home Services treats every property the same. We want you to relax while you're away knowing that your home is in good hands.

Home Watch Services


Vacant Property Inspections

We will come to your property and perform a full inspection to ensure that your home is secure and well maintained. We will pick up flyers and newspapers around the property and make sure the house looks lived in. We even monitor and adjust your thermostat as necessary. If something needs attention we'll contact you, describe the situation and give you estimated costs so you can make an informed decision. You'll never come home to a problem as a result.

Emergency Repairs and Maintenance

Our team of contractors are ready to perform emergency repairs and regular maintenance items while you are away. Our area manager will work with you to coordinate the work so you don't have to worry.

Snow Removal

Nothing tells a criminal that your home is vacant more than snow in the driveway and on the walkways of your house. Our snow removal service will make your house look lived in and will also ensure that access to your house is maintained regardless of what winter brings.

Lawn Cutting

We will maintain your lawn by cutting the grass and raking the leaves while you are away. An unkept lawn is another sign that a house is vacant. Until the snow falls, don't let your lawn be a sign that nobody is home..

Cleaning Services

Even a vacant house needs cleaning. Our crews will ensure that your house is kept clean during your absence. If we need to do repairs or maintenance during your absence, our crews will come in afterwards and make everything spotless again.

Winterization of plumbing system

Some homes require special preparation of the plumbing system if the house is going to be vacant. Let our experts prepare your plumbing system properly so you don't come home to problems.

Prepare home for owner/guest arrivals

When you are ready to return to your home, either for a brief visit during the winter or at the end of your winter migration, we will get everything ready for you so your home is warm, clean and safe. If you have guests using your home during your absence, we will prepare the house for them with the same attention to detail.

Shut down home when owner/guest departs

Rather than worry about whether you did all the right things before you depart for the winter, let our team of experts take care of everything for you. We will turn down the thermostat, lock all the windows and doors, turn off the lights (except those on timers), turn off the water taps, and all the other things that make your home secure during a long vacancy. If you have guests using your home during your absence, we'll do the same things once they depart.

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